About Us

We are endorsed by the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familia

We welcome children and adolescents whose families cannot afford to provide for their education and upbringing

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the comprehensive care of minors in situations of risk

The age of entry ranges from six to eleven years. The length of stay is until they complete high school and access higher education.

Our efforts are aimed at children and adolescents in conditions of high vulnerability and abandonment.

Our Vision

To contribute to the development of our country's human fabric by transforming the lives of the girls, boys, and adolescents who enter Hogar Esperanza; helping them build a future as well-rounded individuals and professionals who positively change the course of their own stories, their families, and their surroundings.

Our Mission

We are a non-profit foundation that provides a home for girls, boys, and adolescents in situations of high vulnerability. We offer a safe environment based on Christian principles and values that supports their spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development

What we do and our team

We offer the children and adolescents living in the Hogar Esperanza facilities:

  1. Basic assistance in food, housing, health and clothing.
  2. Formal education and vocational training.
  3. Christian principles and values formation.
  4. Cultural activities, entertainment and sports

Our team is composed of specialists in pedagogy, social work, psychology, and nutrition. We also have volunteers on the board of directors, godparents, students, and organizations that are a fundamental support in the development of the Home.

Our History


The Association Heart, Hope, and Love is born when a group of Christian individuals undertakes actions to ensure the right to a dignified life for Colombian children in situations of physical, emotional, and moral risk. The first home was located in the Santa Fe neighborhood and housed 8 children.


We moved to a house in the Chapinero neighborhood, where 10 children lived.


We moved to the Villa Magdala neighborhood to accommodate 12 children.


To increase capacity, we relocated to a house in the Cedritos neighborhood with space for 18 children.


The Godparents Plan begins, through which a group of volunteers provides personal support to 10 children, offering them emotional support, taking care of their specific needs, spending weekends with them, celebrating their birthdays, and assisting with various tasks at the Home.


We moved to the Alcázares neighborhood with 18 children. Guidelines were established, including the profile of the child entering the Home, and the capacity for care was set at a maximum of 20 to ensure personalized care. Private education was also established as one of the benefits of the Home for the children.


We purchased our first house in the Los Alcázares neighborhood, where the Home had been operating since 2002, and it currently serves as the headquarters for the children.


The first young person from the Home enters university.


In response to the new requirements of the ICBF (Colombian Family Welfare Institute), professional staff in the fields of pedagogy, social work, psychology, and nutrition are hired.


The Irish program 'Mission Possible' provides financial support to the Home to meet the demand for professional staff.


Thanks to 'Mission Possible,' the program for girls begins with the purchase of the second house in the Santa Sofía neighborhood.


Hugo Castro, who arrived at the Home at the age of 6, receives his high school diploma and enters university with the support of his godmother.


10 girls and 15 boys live in the two locations of Hogar Esperanza.