We invite you to become a part of the lives of the children and adolescents living at Hogar Esperanza. Get involved as a godmother or godfather of the Home to help them grow in various areas of their lives and fulfill their dreams ¿Cómo puedes hacerlo?

If you are an INDIVIDUAL...

Si eres una PERSONA You can establish a close and lasting bond with one of the children from the Home, sharing your time, life experience, knowledge, hobbies, and resources with them.

If you are FAMILY...

You and your FAMILY can also sponsor a child. They need role models from functional families and they love receiving your visits at the Home, going out with you, and visiting your homes.

If you are COMPANY...

If you want to participate as a ,COMPANY, you can bring institutional programs to the Home that contribute to the academic, spiritual, physical, and artistic development of the children and adolescents.

Consultant Bank.

Hogar Esperanza offers talks and workshops on various topics (human development, leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship, education, health, psychology, communication, among others) as a means of its sustainability and as a way to give back for the support received.
Join our Consultant Bank and put your knowledge to work in raising funds for the Home. Those who are part of this Bank donate the fees for their talks and workshops as a means of sustaining the Home.

Modes of Involvement and Support for the Home

Nuestra misión es brindar un hogar y esperanza a quienes más lo necesitan, pero no podemos hacerlo solos. Si deseas ser parte de nuestra misión y ayudarnos a cambiar vidas, te invitamos a escribirnos por WhatsApp, para acordar la manera en que nos puedes apoyar. Juntos, podemos marcar la diferencia y hacer del mundo un lugar mejor para quienes más lo necesitan. ¡Gracias por ser un héroe para nuestro Hogar!